• MaintainPrivacy

    Reflect the outdoor sunlight.

  • ReduceReduce Fading

    Keeps your interior design or furniture.

  • HealthProtection

    Block over 99% UVA and UVB.

  • EliminateGlare

    Block 10%-97% sun glare into the room.

  • SavingEnergy

    Block up to 80% solar energy.

Products information

Suntint solar control film is made by ceramic and coloring by non-organic material in order to ensure that the film will never fade and change color. For the Adhesive agent, Suntint preferring pressure sensitive technique. By using this, it will not contains many glue stains when removing the solar control film. It enhance the effectiveness and efficiency when changing the solar control film. Also, the manufacturers provide up to 5 years manufacturer’s warranty. Our solar control film is not so expensive and help you save the air conditioner fees. Some of our clients have a breakeven within a years.

Health Protection

UV rejected rate is an important indicator to protect human skin from harmful UV rays. For sunscreen products, mostly it can block over 97.5% UV. For Suntint solar control film, it also can block around 97-99% UV.

Maintain Privacy

Suntint’s solar control film can reflect the outdoor sunlight, keep indoor privacy without obstructing the view. Even at night, your privacy can be maintained since 8% light reflectance, others can only see the vague shadow.

Saving Energy

Since our product can block up to 80% solar energy. Therefore, it need not using many energy for the air conditioner cooling effect.

Eliminate Glare

By adopting advanced technology, Suntint Solar Control Film able to block 10%-97% sun glare into the room. It increases your living quality.

Reduce Fading

Our product can block over 99% UVA and UVB. It keeps your interior design or furniture away from the UV effects.

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